Curriculum for Providers of Courses in Advanced Cyber Security Operations

This is an open source curriculum for a degree qualification in Cyber Security at the level of a Master’s Degree. Higher learning institutions who wish to deliver a fully robust curriculum that commands high regard and respect in the industry can seek partnership and alignment with MCSI. MCSI does not itself offer or confer university degrees.

Technical Subjects

This Standard goes in depth on the technical areas of cyber security: Red Teaming, Vulnerability Research and Exploitation, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, Offensive Countermeasures and Cyber Defence Management.

Master's Degree

We recommend partner institutions deliver this content as part of a Master's Degree. Successful students can lead and manage technical cyber security teams. It will take students 4 years to complete. The assessment criteria include practical and written assessments.

Roles & Outcomes

Successful students can apply for any technical role. They will have the skills required to build and manage teams, defend large-scale computer networks, protect critical infrastructure, as well as work for intelligence and military agencies worldwide.

Partner with MCSI to deliver the Standard to your students


Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) is APAC's largest corporate cyber security institute. Learning institutions worldwide to partner with us to train and prepare thousands of cyber security professionals.

Training Materials

MCSI provides access to 1000 online exercises to teach the entire Standard and run challenging examinations. We provide uniquely designed teaching materials including hundreds of videos that complement, enhance, and augment your courseware.

MCSI Support

Our expert instructors are here to be in constant communication, giving timely responses to help and advise students and teachers on the material being taught. We develop new training material to respond to emerging cyber defensive and offensive techniques.